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At JReece Digital, we’re pioneering a unique approach to low cost digital marketing, merging the sophistication of agency-level services with the flexibility and personalised engagement of a freelance model. Catering primarily to professional service businesses within the financial, legal, and government sectors, our mission is to enhance your digital footprint and drive impactful results without the traditional high costs.

Our Story

The genesis of JReece Digital is rooted in a simple yet revolutionary idea: to offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions that defy the conventional cost-heavy model. While that model often works for large organisations with endless corporate budgets, it’s not conducive to the smaller operations our clients want to expand and grow. We asked the question too many were afraid to ask: don’t smaller organisations with even smaller budgets deserve access to the resources they need to reach their audiences more efficiently and grow their reach? How can small firms become large ones without cost-efficient, scalable marketing solutions?

Our founder, leveraging over a decade of cross-discipline experience, took this simple idea to heart. He transformed this vision into reality. JReece Digital stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to navigate the digital landscape efficiently and affordably.

Why JReece Digital Stands Out

Are you overspending on marketing? Simply: Yes. Digital marketing is all about connecting with the right person at the right time with the right message—reliably. You should be able to set your watch by the number of new leads entering your pipeline, the percentage that convert, and the revenues those conversions generate. You shouldn’t be spending money on adverts that don’t work. This is made possible when your digital marketing consultant applies bespoke strategies, strengthens your predictive analytics capabilities, and focuses on the digital marketing methods, tactics, and tools that deliver consistent results with your unique audience. If your current marketing efforts aren’t achieving this, you’re paying too much—plain and simple.

Opting for JReece Digital takes you down a different path. You’re choosing a partner committed to providing:
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Our Approach to Simple, Affordable and Effective Digital Marketing

Our approach to low cost digital marketing is strategic and bespoke. Starting with an in-depth analysis of your business landscape, we craft a tailored digital marketing strategy. Our adaptability ensures that your marketing efforts are always aligned with the latest industry trends and technologies, guaranteeing the best outcomes.

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Meet the (Incredibly Independent) Team

At JReece Digital, our team is as unique and varied as the most eclectic playlist you’ve ever set your ears on—each track (or team member) is a hit in its own right. But, much like the underground music scene, many of our stars prefer to remain out of the mainstream limelight, choosing the allure of independence over fame.

Why you ask?

Our team of freelancers treasure their independence like a cat values its freedom to come and go as it pleases. They’re the ninjas of the digital world—there one minute and gone the next—all while delivering knockout results that keep our clients coming back for more. Their choice to remain unseen under the JReece Digital banner is a testament to their commitment to the freelance ethos, thriving on diversity, freedom, and the exhilarating thrill of the gig economy.

Jerome (Jay) Besset

The Zen Master of design and social media

Amid our collective of covert operators is Jay, our Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Creator extraordinaire, who’s as visible and vibrant as a neon sign in the dead of night. Jay defies the norm with his willingness to step into the spotlight, bringing a splash of colour and a breath of fresh air to our team.

Not only does Jay craft visually stunning designs and social media masterpieces, but he also balances his creative prowess with the zen of a seasoned yoga instructor. His easy-going nature is the glue that holds our projects together, ensuring that even the tightest deadlines flow as smoothly as his yoga sequences.

And did we mention he’s bilingual? A French native that’s fluent in English and conversational in Spanish, Jay brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to our team, enchanting clients and colleagues alike with his linguistic flair and continental charm.

Jerome Besset

Joshua Reece

The Architect behind JReece Digital

At the helm of JReece Digital is me, Joshua Reece, Owner and your dedicated Digital Marketing Consultant. With a decade’s worth of experience navigating the digital marketing seas, I founded JReece Digital with a vision: to offer bespoke, impactful digital marketing solutions without the hefty price tag often associated with top-tier agencies.

My journey in digital marketing has been fuelled by a passion for innovation, a knack for strategic thinking, and a deep-seated belief in the power of personalisation. I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, from SEO specialist to PPC campaign wizard, but my greatest accomplishment has been assembling a team of like-minded freelancers who share my dedication to excellence, independence, and, above all, results.

My approach to digital marketing is holistic, always keeping the big picture in focus while fine-tuning the minutiae that drive success. I believe in the power of stories, not just statistics, to connect with audiences and create lasting engagements. As a leader, I strive to foster an environment where creativity meets strategy, where every challenge is an opportunity for innovation, and where our clients’ success is our ultimate reward.

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If you’re a freelancer that’s passionate about helping businesses grow, we’d love to hear from you! Join our mission to provide industry-leading digital marketing services to businesses around the UK and Oceania region – all while growing personally and professionally.

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Core Values At JReece Digital

Our Commitment To You

Choosing JReece Digital means partnering with a team that’s as invested in your success as you are. We’re committed to transforming your digital marketing efforts with strategies that are not only tailored and effective but also mindful of your budget. With us, low cost digital marketing doesn’t mean compromise; it means value.

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