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Whether you have chosen the career of a solicitor, barrister, or legal executive, the people who need your legal services are found online. It’s vital to have both the capacity and legal marketing strategy to not only reach them here; you must connect meaningfully. However, given the ever-changing nature of digital marketing trends and technologies, this endeavour can become complicated fast.

JReece Digital is at the forefront of the digital transformation happening in law firms around the UK. We simplify digital marketing for lawyers by designing tailored online advertising strategies to elevate solicitors in the digital era. Our expertise in crafting bespoke and holistic marketing plans not only boosts online visibility but also fosters trust and engagement in your community. By unlocking digital success, one click at a time, we enhance your firm’s visibility and integrate these efforts into comprehensive marketing strategies customised to meet SRA guidelines.

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Why is Digital Marketing Important for Law Firms?

The digital environment offers unmatched opportunities for legal firms to connect with their clientele, streamline operations, and generate a competitive advantage. You have the ability to engage your ideal clients within a geographic area online without giving away too much “legal advice” or running afoul of industry regulations.

However, navigating this digital terrain demands specific expertise, especially in a field as nuanced and client-focused as legal services. JReece Digital merges industry knowledge with holistic marketing expertise to guide lawyers through achieving data-informed, measurable results while ensuring compliance and confidentiality standards.

Law firms in particular have a massive advantage when they increase their digital marketing efforts because of the following unbelievable statistics:

  • 90% of law firms don’t create and publish their own helpful content on their websites
  • 70% of law firms do not clearly communicate a potential client’s next steps on their website.
  • 40% of small firms don’t have a functioning website
  • Only 14% of law firms use automation to follow up with potential clients and guide them to next steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Digital Marketing for Law Firms.

For law firms, balancing legal compliance with transparency is crucial to building trust with future clients. We summarise our approach in four key elements:

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The JReece Digital Approach

For law firms, balancing legal compliance with transparency is crucial to building trust with future clients. We summarise our approach in four key elements:

Audience Analysis:

Identifying and understanding the unique preferences and behaviours of your potential clients to focus time and budget efficiently.

Integrated Digital Strategies:

Employing a holistic mix of SEO, content marketing, social media, and PPC to comprehensively address your Law firm’s digital marketing needs.

Compliance and Creativity:

Crafting innovative marketing strategies that adhere to legal standards while engaging potential clients.

Testing and Optimisations:

We continually analyse the data and run controlled testing to improve campaign performance and increase ROI.

Our Digital Marketing Services for Law Firms

For over a decade, JReece Digital has excelled as a marketing consultant for the legal sector by providing targeted services that generate high-intent client interactions with a strategic approach to digital marketing. We ensure all your marketing channels operate in harmony for peak performance.

Whether you only need an SEO consultant to work with your marketing manager or want someone to run your entire legal marketing machine while you focus on client services, we have the capabilities and flexibility to fill the digital marketing gaps through seamless integration into your team. Some of our legal marketing services include:

As an AI-powered agency, we use advanced technology to deliver data-driven insights and personalised solutions for professional service clients.

Our content marketing consultant services produce engaging and informative content, helping our clients establish authority and attract new clients.

We enhance customer relationships and retention by implementing tailored CRM strategies and data-driven insights for professional clients.

Our digital marketing strategy consultancy aligns your business goals with an effective digital plan to grow your online presence and revenue.

Our PPC Consultant services will increase your online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your website, generating more leads and sales.

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Law Firm Success Story: A Digital Transformation Journey

Cartwright King Solicitors was grappling with outdated manual processes and a lack of unity in its online presence, which drove potential clients away from the website rather than generating new leads for their firm. Because of this, they spent a lot on online advertising, but very few leads materialised.

A JReece Digital Marketing Audit revealed some significant opportunities they were missing out on. From the data, we could see if they made the right improvements, they could very quickly increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and turn this ship around.

The JReece Digital team built a high-performing, mobile-friendly website, streamlined client review processes, optimised Google Ads performance, and implemented a content strategy to answer common client questions. As a result, within just 4 months of implementation, they saw the following.

Why Choose JReece Digital?

Choosing JReece Digital means selecting a partner with over a decade of experience working across the digital marketing landscape and delivering measurable results that help clients meet their big business goals. You need leads before you can contract with more clients, plain and simple. You need more referrals. Joshua Reece’s vast experience allows him to develop and implement bespoke strategies that integrate perfectly with your marketing machine.

The following further set us apart from other marketing consultancy and services providers.

Hear Directly from Law Firms Like Yours

We contracted Josh to help us with our digital marketing strategy. After a deep analysis of our fintech business, competitors and our target market, he provided us with a well thought out strategy that met our requirements and budget. His team did an excellent job of implementing the strategy and we saw positive results in the first month post-implementation. I'm amazed at the wide marketing knowledge Josh has and would recommend him in a heart beat!
Damian Klepacki
Damian Klepacki
I employed Josh as a Digital Marketing Manager and worked with him over a period of many years. He is extremely knowledgeable and constantly keeps up with trends, updates and future technology. He is able to turn data into actionable insights and communicates in a straightforward and jargon free manner. I would highly recommend Josh!
Kelly White
Kelly White
We contracted Josh for a 6-month period to audit and enhance our website, SEO, and paid media strategy for our car leasing business. The results have been great, with lowered cost-per-click (CPC) and higher conversion rates (CR) across all our campaigns. Working with Josh was a great experience – he's professional, efficient, and really knows his stuff. We're definitely looking forward to working with him again soon. Definitely would recommend for anyone looking to get the most out of their digital marketing budget.
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson
I am so grateful for the work Josh did for me! I have no clue about marketing, but he always took the time to break things down for me so I could understand the process. He taught me how to grow organically, how to do social advertising cheaply whilst getting good results. He also showed me how to automate many processes using marketing technology, so I could focus on other parts of my job! He was always really pleasant to work with and I highly recommend! Thanks Josh!
Jay SolarSteps
Jay SolarSteps
Josh es realmente bueno en lo que hace, su manejo de redes sociales, plataformas, así como las estrategias que genero para nuestro hostal fueron demasiado efectivas, así como buenas, es muy creativo, estructurado con su trabajo y un excelente profesional; Super recomendado
Jaba Jan
Jaba Jan
Josh is an expert in advert platforms and a great strategist. After working with many people that claim to be expert and no getting serious results, after my contact I have been able to correct a lot of bugs and problem in my platforms and have a better perspective of my analytics. Totally recommend to work with someone as responsive and responsible as Josh.
Jorge Velasquez
Jorge Velasquez
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