Use of Chatbots in Local Government: Digital Communication Evolved

laptop displaying chatbots in local government

Government Chatbots: The Future of Local Council Communication What could you accomplish as a local council if every query about local services could be answered not in days but in seconds? What if administering city services were as easy as asking a resident to type (or speak) a message on their phone? And what if […]

Say No to Legal Lead Generation Companies

man saying no to legal lead generation companies

Are legal firms unknowingly overspending on legal lead generation companies? As senior marketers and directors in the legal industry, it’s essential to grasp the potential cost savings within your firm’s marketing strategy. In this eye-opening article, we’ll uncover the hidden expenses associated with relying on affiliate networks to generate leads and explore a more cost-effective […]

Revolutionising Local Government: The Power of AI in Government

human and robot hand about to touch with ai in government building in the middle

How can AI for Government revolutionise Local Authorities Imagine a world where Local Authorities are not just about long queues and endless paperwork. Thanks to AI, many local government entities are on the brink of making this a reality— revolutionising the mundane into the extraordinary! A recent report survey conducted by the National Audit Office […]

How to Generate Leads for Your Law Firm: The Simple Guide

man displaying how to generate leads for your law firm

Imagine sitting at your desk and watching as high-value leads flow into your law firm, each one a potential goldmine for your business. It’s not a pipe dream – it’s a pipeline, and it’s achievable when you understand how to generate leads for your law firm. Taking control of your lead generation process and establishing […]

Mastering the Art of Financial Services Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide

phone and camera filming financial services videos

The spotlight shines brightly on video marketing content, hailed as a game-changer by an overwhelming 88% of marketers who deem it not just important but—crucial— to their strategies. An impressive 90% of these professionals also report that video content not only captivates but delivers a robust return on investment they were looking for. Most humans […]

Where Clients Meet Credibility: The 10 Best Review Sites for Law Firms

computer screen showing review sites for law firms

Over 90% of people now peek at online reviews before making a professional services buy decision. That includes hiring legal representation, advice, and review services. Think of it this way: if your online presence were a suit, would it be well-tailored and occasion-appropriate or a bit frayed at the edges? Just as you wouldn’t meet […]

Local Government Social Media: From Posts to Progress in Your Community

colleagues discussing their local government social media strategy

Why Local Government Social Media Matters More Than Ever Did you know that 83% of UK adults are scrolling, liking, and commenting on social media? Nearly half of Brits use social media to catch up on news and information. This isn’t just a trend; it’s the pulse of the public sphere. That’s why it’s crucial […]

9 Essential Steps for Effective Local Council Advertising Online

richmond upon thames local council advertising online using meta

Harness the Power of Local Council Advertising Online: 9 Essential Steps Picture yourself as the captain of a ship, setting sail across the vast ocean of the internet. The waters of local council advertising online might seem vast and intimidating. They’re filled with the swirling currents of digital marketing and the gusty winds of technological […]

AI in Financial Services 2024: Transforming Client Experience and Marketing

man discovering the possibilites of ai in financial services

AI in Financial Services: Transforming Client Experience and Marketing Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a pivotal field of computer science dedicated to crafting clever “machines” that mimic human behaviour. Picture a robot that not only chats about the weather but also predicts the stock market’s next big dip—all while brewing a cuppa! […]